fun lawn games

Summer is a time to get outside with friends and family and play games. Fun, simple outdoor lawn games bring out the silly in everyone.

Lawn-Games---Giant-DiceThese giant wood yard dice by Trademark Innovations come in a set of six. Each one is 3 ½” square, made from solid wood and comes in a natural stain. Use to play Yahtzee and other dice games outside.  $44.99 for a set of six.

Lawn-Games---Giant-dominoesThese Snake Eyes Yard Dominoes are made from solid wood. Each is 3 ½” by 7” by ½”. They are finished with a natural stain and come with a jute bag to hold all 28 dominoes. $59.99.


Murbles is a lawn game based on marbles. It can be played on any surface outside – grass, sand, leaves. It is good for anyone aged 5 years and up. The balls are 3” in diameter and are made from plastic. The set comes with 6 colored balls in a carry bag. $49.95.

Ring TossLawn-Games---Ring-Toss is an old favorite. The rugged rope rings get tossed onto the beechwood posts. It is much harder than it looks! $25.00.

Lawn-games---Jumping-sacksJumping Sacks by Pacific Play are heavy duty outdoor canvas jumping sacks with reinforced handles. Each one is 26” long x 24”wide. It takes a special grown-up to think this game of racing would be fun, but all the kids will! A set of 4 is $48.60.

Lawn-Games---Little-Tikes-Bubble-Fun-PondFor the little ones, this Little Tikes Bubble Fun Pond is a happy attraction. Inflate the pond and fill with the bubble solution. The set comes with four giant bubble wands. $12.99.

Lawn-Games---Gigantic-3-in-1-game-setThis Gigantic 3 in 1 net set is for jumbo badminton, tennis & volley ball.   The net is adjustable in height up to 53 inches. It is appropriate for anyone from ages 3 and up. $32.00.


This bubble blower makes edible bubbles. It makes hundreds of bubbles a minute. The bubble machine comes with two 2fl. oz. packets of Candylicious Bubbles that come in tutti-frutti, cherry and grape. The bubble formula contains no dyes and does not stain. $12.99.


Want a little grown up competition? The Pro-League Paddles are made of lacquered bamboo, have rubberized grips and come with two balls. We call the game Kadima and it makes an easy transition from the beach to your lawn. $99.00

Note:  Reader Ginny R. wrote us about a game called Corn Hole.  You can find Corn Hole sets on Amazon. This video will teach you how to play.  It looks fun!