Tired of the shallow, soundbite-driven political invective which rolls around every four years with our election cycle? So are we. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that right and wrong can’t always be boiled down to donkeys vs. elephants.

Step out of the media circus with Harvard Professor of Political Philosophy, Michael Sandel.  Routinely chosen as one of the most popular courses at Harvard, all 12 lectures of “Justice” are available online for free.

An example of a typical discussion: Imagine that you watch a train speed toward five workers.  Do nothing – they die.  Flip a switch – the train veers onto another track – a different worker dies – just one, not five. What would you do? Why? Professor Sandel explores this and other moral decisions, drawing from the words of Aristotle, John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, John Rawls, and others.

Professor Sandel was on the cover of China Newsweek – named the ‘most influential foreign figure’ of the year in China.

Over 15,000 Harvard students have taken this course – and they had to write papers and take exams.  You can sit back and elevate your moral thinking – for free – from your desk or latop.

To watch the 12 Justice lectures, go to www.justiceharvard.org.


You can also read the book: Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?  by Michael Sandel. $6.00.

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