Books add personality to almost every room in the house.  They should be arranged with care.  Bookends come in handy.  Here are some book arranging tips and some of our favorite bookends.If you have a bookcase that needs a new look, here are some tips:

  • Bookshelves that are crammed end to end with books look messy and cluttered. The first task is to edit your books.
  • Group books by size or color so that they fit together visually.
  • Place most books upright.  Larger ones can be stacked horizontally with objets displayed on top.

These black lab bookends are cast in iron and sit on black marble.  They are 6” long by 3” wide by 7.5” high and $120.00.

These purple Brazilian Agate bookends are beautiful.  Agate is a crystal that is formed from volcanic rock.  They are 5.25” high x 9.5” wide and are $159.00.

How about a single bookend?  They can come in handy if your books only need propping up on one end.  We love this pear which is 7” tall and made from green alabaster.  $39.95.

As usual, Jonathan Adler has several fabulous bookends. Our favorite is the Dachshund which is 14” long by 7” high, made from stoneware on a hardwood base. $150.

These hand carved owl bookends are 4” square x 10” high.  $204.00.

Are you a feline fan?  These resin cat bookends are divine. They are made by Jonathan Adler for Barnes and Noble and are 4” x 4” x 8.5”.  $39.95.

More from Jonathan Adler, these metal red hearts and peace signs are wonderful.  They are $12.95 for a set of two.

As can these fuchsia peace signs.

This elephant bookend is perfect for a child’s room collection.