quick drying towels

These Turkish hydro-cotton towels are the answer.

What are hydro-cotton quick-drying towels?

Hydro-cotton quick-drying towels are made from Turkish cotton in an advanced weaving and spinning process.  Thousands of fine, untwisted loops produce towels that are more absorbent and fast-drying than regular cotton terry towels. Some companies’ unique spinning method creates tiny air pockets between the fibers which allows them to absorb and release water quickly. Now that summer is here, for anyone who has loads of towels to turn over quickly, these are the ticket.

I just ordered two Land’s End quick drying Turkish bath sheets and tested their quick drying claim.  They are plush and absorbent.  I washed them, put them in the dryer and they were dry in 15 minutes.   The Land’s End towels are made from Turkish 2-ply cotton yarns and 450 grams per square meter.  A free swatch is available and there are 6 colors to choose from.  They are currently on sale.  A 6 piece set is reduced from $104 to $62.40 with the code SAND.  You can also order individual sizes.  A bath sheet, 36” x 70”,  is reduced from $44.95 to $26.97 with the same code.  Monogramming is available with either initials or symbols.

Pottery Barn carries well-reviewed hydro-cotton Turkish towels that are 550 grams per square meter and ‘supersoft and fast drying’.  These towels were rated ‘Best Overall Bath Towel’ by Good Housekeeping although they said other towels dried faster.   There are ten colors to choose from.  A bath sheet, 39” x 71” is $54.00.  Monogramming is available.

The White Company from London has ribbed hydro-cotton towels.  Made from 100% Turkish cotton they claim to be ‘supremely fluffy and fast frying’ and perfect for busy households.  They also carry baby hydro-cotton towels.  A bath sheet (39” x 59”) is $55.00 and a ‘Super Jumbo’ (45” x 71”) is $75.00.

They also have Classic Hydrocotton towels that come in three colors and are on sale.

Parachute’s 100% Turkish cotton quick drying towels are 700 grams per square meter and they claim the towels are plush but not overly dense. Thee are five colors to choose from.  Their bath sheet, 40” x 70”, is $49.00.

Williams Sonoma Home carries Chambers Hydro-cotton 600-gram Towels.  They are made from pure long staple Turkish cotton and are fluffy, absorbent and fast drying.  They come in seven colors to choose from and are on sale.  Monogramming is available.  A set of 6 towels – 2 bath, 2 hand and 2 washcloths- is $77.00.  The bath towel is the largest towel they offer at 28” x 55”.


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