These are stocking stuffers that are great ideas for anyone and everyone: Donations: Choose either your recipient’s favorite charity or your own and make a donation in their name.  It doesn’t have to be much, every little bit helps.  To check out a non-profit’s references go to Homemade edible goodies:  Everyone loves these.  My mother makes a mean toffee candy and we each get a small baggie full in our stocking to this day.  I would be verklempt if she ever forgot.Just add steamed milk to this dark hot chocolate on a stick and you have a delicious brew.  This is the perfect stocking present!  $2.99 each.

It also comes in milk chocolate for the same price.

These Container Store colorful adhesive notes with punctuation mark page markers are amusing and useful.  There is space left to write notes to yourself or someone else.   $10 per pack of 5, 250 pages in a pack.

This all-weather writing paper sheds water and lets you write anywhere in any weather.  It is made from 100% recyclable wood-based paper. The paper comes in many forms – bound books, notebooks, loose leaf, index cards and pads.  Pencils work better than pens. A 3” x 5” pocket size notebook is $3.95.


We love this Chalkboard Door HangerIt’s reusable, can go on any door, inside or out.  It’s double-sided so your message can be as long as you want!  It comes with two pieces of chalk and a mini eraser.  5” x 11”.  $18.00.

A small bag of Big Picture Farm’s goat milk caramels will make everyone happy!  Made by Louisa, the daughter of a close friend, these are worthy of great praise.  I am biased, but when Anthropologie features these caramels for their winter catalog, you know I’m not alone is worshiping them. $7.49 for 2.2 oz.

For your out-doorsy recipient, the nanoSTRIKER will create a spark (1,000 in fact) and enable you to light your campfire after you’ve realized you’ve left your matches at home. $27.00.

Here’s a free one!  Download this free app on the iPhone or iPad of your favorite Nosy Parker.  This HomeSnap app  allows you to learn the last sale price, lot size and school district of any house you happen to drive by that strikes your fancy!  How cool is that!  See if your neighbors are being honest about what they paid for that dump.