“Chop your own firewood and it will warm you twice”.  African Proverb

Finally it’s cold here in the Northeast!  Time to enjoy the traditions of winter we love which in our house are warm and cozy fires. The same weather that puts us in the mood for a fire makes us reluctant to go out into the cold to load up on firewood.  Here are some options we’ve found for storing firewood, inside, just where we want it.

The Blomus Madra Log Basket is a great size for small wood storage spaces.  It has a washable fabric liner.  It is 18.9″h x 16.54″w x 18.5″d.  It slips easily off the frame to fetch and carry logs. It will store at least a dozen logs.  $125.99.firewood indoor storage

This small traditional copper-plated oval firewood tub has a classic look.  It is made of galvanized steel with antiqued copper finish.  It comes with 5 lbs. of fatwood. It is 13” x 8” x 7”h. $49.95 – $89.95


This is a great looking modern log holder from Wisteria.  It is made from transparent glass and holds up to two bundles of wood.  The glass can endure any sparks and it has feet to protect floors.  It weighs 33 lbs. and can hold 66 lbs of wood.  It is 16” x 26.5” high.  $179.00.

Firewood-Storage---Wisteria-modernThis large woven seagrass basket is large and sturdy enough to hold firewood.  It is 23”w x 20”d x 22”h.  On sale for $82.97.

Firewood-Storage---Seagrass-basketThis large iron wire basket is useful for many things, firewood being one of them.  It is 24”w x 18”h.  It can also be turned over and double as a stool or low side table!  $68.90 and free shipping.

Firewood-storage---Ferm-wire-basketThis Shaker log bin is made from graphite that has been powder coated. It can be used inside and outside. It is sturdy, heavy duty and can hold many logs. It is 23”w x 12”h x 13”d. $62.31.

Firewood-storage---shaker-log-binPlow & Hearth sells this log basket that can be used inside or outside.  It is made from sturdy hand-woven steel wire with a solid steel bottom.  It is finished in a black powder coat.  It has sturdy side handles.  It is 21.5”w x 25”l x 13”h.  $120.00.

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