Cozy pair of slippers

There is nothing better than a cozy pair of slippers to slide your cold tootsies into when you’re home.  With temperatures falling, we were casting about to find the coziest of what’s available.  We hope you like what we like.

UGG, the ultimate in the cozy department, has made slippers for men and women for several years. There are 14 styles.  I hadn’t seen this UGG Fluff Flip Flop style before researching this article and I think they’re divine!  They won’t do the job of keeping your entire tootsie warm, but they are a cozy, at-home shoe. They are the perfect thing for the child who wears flip flops year-round, even in snow and ice like my kids do. They come in five colors and are $80.00.

cozy pair of slippers, pink

Ginny wears the Ugg slipper that looks like moccasins with rubber soles and her husband thinks his are appropriate for Starbucks on Saturday morning.

Women’s Dakota’s, $100.00.

cosy pair of slippers, brown

Men’s Byron slippers, $139.95.

The Minnetonka Cally slipper comes in five colors – black, navy, cinnamon, chocolate brown and grey- all suede with a fleece lining.  $36.95  pix.

cozy pair of men's slippers

For the easiest on and off these Sorel Nakiska slides get great reviews. They come in four colors and are on sale for $65.00.

cozy pair of slippers, sorrell

I’ve always liked the look of this Sorel Nakiska Slide Knit Lux.  It comes in the grey or black and is on sale for $75.00.

cozy pair of slippers grey

This Ralph Lauren Yarmond shearling slipper comes in four fun colors and is wonderful.  It has a leather sole and heel and is on sale for $149.00.

cozy pair of slippers yarmond

We can’t leave out L.L.Bean with over a dozen slipper styles for men and women.  This Wicked Good sheepskin slipper envelopes your feet so they stay warm and dry.  It comes in tan or dark brown and is $79.00.

cozy pair of slippers L.L.Bean

Want a slipper that can go out to play? These convertible shoes are cute, and comfortable! $99.00

Larvik Light Grey Mahabis Classic Bundle (+FREE soles)

mahabis slipper shoe