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Keep your friends close, and your snacks closer.

Summer is an on-the-go season. Convenient snacks can tide you over between meals or if you have to skip a meal. Snacks are also great for long car rides for all ages.

Summer snacks brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches

Trader Joe’s is killing it with their many delicious and tempting summer snacks this season and we hope you live near one of their stores so these snacks are easy to buy. Trader Joe’s Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich is so popular I can rarely find it! It is coffee ice cream inside two brownie crisps. A 10 oz. package of four is $3.99.

 frozen soy bars summer snack

A dairy-free ice cream sandwich alternative is So Delicious mini dairy free frozen ice cream sandwiches. They use coconut or almond milk and agave to make these yummy vanilla treats. 90 calories per mini sandwich. A 4-pack is $9.50. Available in supermarkets and Walmart.

Cold Pressed Juice Snacks

Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Juices are as refreshing as they are healthy. There are three varieties – Green, Red & Yellow. Green is kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger. Red is beets, cucumber, celery, apple, carrots, spinach, ginger, and lemon, and Yellow combines apple, pineapple, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, lime, and mint. $4.99 each.

Campfire s'mores great summer snacks

The Campfire S’Mores Bar from Trader Joe’s is a chewy bar of deliciousness. Each bar is a square of rich milk chocolate, mini marshmallows and crispy graham cracker sprinkled with sea salt. Pop that baby in the microwave for 12 seconds and look out! A 4.25 oz. bar is $2.99. It is a limited summer item.

Triscuit this crisps summer snacks

If it’s something crunchy you’re pining for, Triscuit Thin Crisps have half the calories of the regular Triscuit and a very short ingredients list. A 7.6 oz. box in the Original flavor is $2.56. Other flavors are Parmesan Garlic, 130 calories for 15 crackers.

Marys Organic Crackers convenient snacks

If wheat isn’t your thing, try Mary’s Gone Organic Crackers that are made from rice. They are gluten-free and packed with seeds. They are sold in a snack size. A 20-pack is $24.79.

fruit summer snacks

Trader Joe’s Nothing But Fruit & Nuts is an unsweetened dried fruit and nuts treat that comes in a resealable pouch. There are eight .88 oz. individually wrapped discs. There are several flavors including Date, Hazelnut, Cacao, Fig Walnut and Apricot Almond. 70 calories per disc. $3.99 for a pouch with eight discs.

summer snackin' rold gold

. These mini-pretzels are a great baked snack. A 16 oz. take-home bag is $2.98.

Super charged summer sun chips

A Sunchips variety pack of thirty 1.5 oz. bags is $12.83. The flavors are French Onion, Garden Salsa, Harvest Cheddar and Original.

summer snacks, mano joe-joes

Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies have long been a favorite vice of mine. The Mango Joe-Joe’s are crisp round cookies with a creamy filling in between. Both the cookies and the filling are mango flavored. $2.99 for a 10.5 oz. box.

La Croix Summer refreshment

For a refreshing non-alcoholic carbonated drink, my family’s current favorite is La Croix. It is flavored sparkling water, sold in most supermarkets in cans. There are many flavors. Our favorites are Grapefruit, Berry, and Lime. The cans are 12 oz. and come in boxes of 12. Prices range from $4.50 – $10.00 depending on the flavor.

orange wine refreshing beverages

If you are making these snacks into hors d’oeuvres and would like a glass of wine to wash them down, try a bottle of orange wine. Orange wine has nothing to do with oranges. It is made from white grapes that are left in their skins allowing complex flavors and their color. Orange wines are considered a great alternative to rosés. People are drinking them up in restaurants and restaurants are adding them to their wine lists. They have a bold taste with a nutty tartness. Ask your favorite wine store for their recommendation.


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