Last June, the government got rid of the Food Pyramid.  Good riddance I say.  I could never figure out how much I was supposed to be eating and it all looked like WAY too little of the fun stuff.  The Food Pyramid has been replaced by the new Choose My Plate.  It is a much simpler image – a plate divided into four sections – fruit, vegetables, grains and protein with an attached circle representing dairy.

Choose My Plate debuted in early June as part of Michele Obama’s campaign against obesity.  The Plate was developed by the Department of Agriculture (USDA) with the help of nutrition and public health experts, as well as about 4,500 focus group participants, including children.

The primary goal of Choose My Plate is to help educate the public about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans released earlier this year. The Plate icon simplifies nutritional advice.

The website – offers consumers lots of information and tips about making healthy food choices and a ‘Tip of the Day’.  Want to know how much of each food group you can eat daily?  Put your age, weight, height and physical activity level into their Personalized Food Plan section and up comes your daily food plan.

Sigh…there goes my plan to eat the kids’ Halloween candy.