exercise your brain

Exercising your mental “muscles” will help preserve your ability to concentrate. Do crossword and sudoku puzzles, read challenging novels, or log on to www.Happy-neuron.com, a website where you can play games specifically developed to improve brain functioning. A study of the 32 games on Happy-neuron.com, funded by the Centers for Disease Control, showed that people who played the games three times a week showed significant improvement in cognitive function.

From “How to Regain Your Focus” (Real Simple)

January, 2015 Update
Meditation has become a popular route to brain strengthening. This article cites studies from JAMA Network and the Harvard Gazette that report the successes they have seen with meditation.

Lululemon has developed a 7 Day Challenge podcast. If you have just a few minutes, remember this mantra. It may not be enough to build gray matter, but could you get through a rough day!