Summer is the season when color bursts forth and we turn our attention to our gardens and gardening equipment.

Who knew that not only can you be color coordinated in your home decorating and your wardrobe, but also with your gardening equipment?  Hoses are boring unless you have one in purple or yellow.  While you’re at it, get a matching sprinkler and hand wand.  These items make up the ColorStorm watering tools by Dramm.  They come in 6 colors:  berry, blue, red, orange, yellow and green.

The hoses are $52.06 each and the sprinklers $35.52

Oxo, the makers of that fabulous cooking equipment, makes beautiful, well-designed watering cans in many colors.  There are two sizes, the 1 quart and the 3 quart  ‘pour & store’ can.  The spout rotates back toward the body of the can to make filling easier and take up less room when storing. The cans come in at least 6 colors.

Tubtrugs are 2 handled flexible rubberish tubs that can be used for a million things.  They come in 8 colors and are great to garden with.  You can use them to mix soil in, drag plants around in, or store gardening tools in.  They also have a myriad of other uses.  They can store toys in a playroom, double as a wine and beer cooler, or be your car-washing bucket, just to name a few. Neither frost nor sunlight can damage the Tubtrugs.

The 10.5 gallon size is 18”W x 13” tall and is $15.99. The medium is 7 gallons, is $13.99, and the small, 3.5 gallons, is $7.40.  There are also a few other assorted sizes.