These are the best ideas since sliced… well, you know.

Consumers eating white bread these days are shamed by the healthy eaters all around them.  I happen to love white bread (peanut butter and jelly on Wonder Bread – nothing better!) but dutifully buy the multi-grain in an effort to eat healthier.  If you find yourself with an uneaten loaf of white bread, or if someone has discovered your secret stash and you need to find an alternate reason for having bought it, here are some creative household uses for it.

Dusting oil paintings – Proctor & Gamble’s blog tells us that white bread is surprisingly good at picking up dust, grease and small particles of dirt.  Wipe your paintings gently with a slice of bread to keep them dust-free.

Many people already know this trick of putting some white bread chunks into open bags of brown sugar or marshmallows to keep the contents from hardening. It does work wonders! I haven’t tried this with hard marshmallows, but if your brown sugar has already hardened, some white bread chunks placed in the bag will soften it up again.

Cleaning your coffee grinder – Put a couple of chunks of stale white bread into your grinder, pulse a few times and dump it out.  The same properties in the white bread that pick up dust on your oil paintings will also pick up leftover grounds hiding in corners.

Picking up shards of broken glass – First pick up the large pieces of glass, then use a slice of white bread for the small shards that are hard to see and difficult to pick up.  Press the bread where the glass shattered and you’ll be surprised what comes up! Make sure to discard it immediately so none of the shards fall off.

Degreasing soups and sauces – Soak up the oil that rises to the surface in many soups and sauces.  Place a slice of stale white bread on top of your soup or sauce.  Let it float for a few seconds and then remove it, and much of the oil!

Keeping cookies fresh – Homemade cookies are so yummy, but it’s disappointing if you expect them to be soft and chewy and they’ve gone hard and crunchy.  To keep them the way you like them lay a slice of white bread on the pile of cookies and it will keep them fresh for up to a week.

Erasing fingerprints on photos – Ball up some pieces of crustless white bread and swipe your fingerprint-laden photos with them.  The bred will absorb oils without leaving any marks on the photos. This trick also works on wallpaper.

Reducing garbage can smells – Soak a slice of white bread in vinegar, put it on a paper towel and place it inside your garbage can overnight.  The acidic vinegar will neutralize any odors and by morning it should smell fine.

Reducing smelly cooking odors – If you hate the way steaming Brussels sprouts makes your house smell, place a slice of white bread on top of the vegetable while they cook, and it will absorb much of the odor.


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