Hi tech garbage bins, kitchen

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Trash cans have changed. Now they have all kinds of bells and whistles to make life easier. Of course they are more expensive than the old plastic ones, but these are worth it. To gauge what size garbage bin you need, know that the average household creates 3.25 gallons of waste a day.

This is a 13 gallon round deodorizer sensor garbage can. It has a touch-free sensor that opens the lid which is handy when your hands are full. The sensor requires new AA batteries every six months. It also has built-in active carbon filter deodorizers to keep the room smelling clean. The lid is extra wide and removable. The matte finish is fingerprint and dirt resistant. It is 11.6” wide x 31” tall and is $99.95. It also comes in black.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---White-round-sensor-canThis is an 8 gallon Rectangular Touch-Bar can. Simply touch it with your elbow or bump with a leg, knee or hip and it will open and stay open until you close it. The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof. It is 11.4” wide x 28” tall. $120.00.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---Rectangular-Touch-Bar-canThis garbage can will render the dustpan obsolete. The can has built-in suction that allows you to sweep right up to it, then swoosh, all the dirt gets sucked away. It also has phone connectivity and will tell you when it’s getting full, when it’s trash day, and when you’re running out of garbage bags. It does need to be charged. You can buy the Bruno with the vacuum feature only for $129.00, or with the vacuum and the smart features for $179.00. Both models are 12 ¼d” x 12 ¼w” x 29 ½”h. The cans are available in four colors and stainless steel (an additional $50.00). The cans are available for pre-order only and will be available for shipping in October.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---Bruno-SmartCanThis 15.8 gallon Totem 2-Bin Recycler has hidden compartments for composting, recycling or storage. It has a touch-lid opener, rear handle and rubber wheels. The lid includes a carbon filter to neutralize odors. It comes in white or gray and is $239.99.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---Totem-2-Bin-RecyclerThis semi-round garbage can has an infrared sensor that lets the lid open automatically with a wave of your hand. It is stainless steel with a grey plastic lid. It holds 11.8 gallons. It is 25.2” tall x 12.8” wide and is $100 with free shipping. It also comes with a stainless steel lid and a liner pocket for $150.00.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---can-with-sensor-lid-by-Simple-Human

This step can is the loveliest I’ve ever seen. It is rose gold stainless steel and holds 14.5 gallons. It has a liner pocket that stores and dispenses liners from inside the can. The liner rim grips the liner and keeps it hidden. No inner bucket to empty! The lid has a smooth and silent closure. It is 25.8” tall x 14.1” wide. $180.00.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---Rose-Gold-Step-CanThis is a 16 gallon dual-compartment recycle/trash bin. It is stainless steel and has a sensor lid allowing touch-free operation. It has 4 wheels for easy moving. The automatic lid closing keeps odors from leaking out. The sensor lid uses 4 D batteries. It is 23” wide x 13.8” deep x 22”h. $199.95.

Hi Tech Garbage-Bins---Dual-Compartment-BinWith a huge 21.1 gallon capacity this bin is stainless steel and has a motion sensor lid. It is 28.7” tall x 18.3” wide x 14.8” deep. A ring liner holds the trash bag up and hides the bag inside the can. The sensor takes 3 D batteries. $98.99.

Hi tech Garbage-Bins---21-gallon-bin