The world is divided up into dog people and cat people.  There is some overlap, but mostly everyone is one or the other.  We know we have a large and noisy dog-loving crowd among our readers – we hear from you often when we run pet articles.  We don’t hear from our furry feline fanatics because you are less boisterous and aggressive about your obsession.  We don’t want to neglect this other half, however, and have devoted this article to items that celebrate the love of cats.


These Cat Tails socks are amusing and adorable.  Cat Stuff Socks $12.99.

These ceramic kitty measuring cups are unique. $34.99.

This very hip cat t-shirt – Fur Sighted – is $29.99.

Can’t ever find your cell phone?  Park it in this kitty cell phone stand.  $21.99.

I love Lulu Guiness’s sense of humor. This is her black Kooky Cat coin purse.  $70.

This black cat tote by Lulu Guiness is $79.00.  It is 17” x 5” 15”.

Jonathan Adler has this wonderful cat salt & pepper set.  $48 for the pair.

Should you find it amusing to have cat objet d’art scattered around, Jonathan Adler has large ceramic cats.  The medium one is 12.5” tall and the tall one is 15.5” tall. $118 and $128.

This stoneware Prowling Cat is made in Jonathan Adler’s Soho studio.  It comes in black or white, is 12” long and 11.5” high.  $138.

These cat face ballet flats are wonderful.  $49.90.

These women’s red cat slippers are great.  A kitty and a ball of yarn… $75.00.


If you’ve read this far, we know that you are a cat-lover.  Here is an ASE article on pet portraits.