Mimi Ausland was 11 years old when she was seized with the desire to help dogs and cats in animal shelters.  In 2008 she
launched What began in a shelter in Bend, Oregon is now the largest contributor of food to 13 animal shelters across the U.S.

Freekibble’s primary mission is to donate healthy, nutritious food to homeless dogs and cats in shelters.  It is sponsored by Halo, Purely For Pets, a holistic pet care company owned partly by Ellen DeGeneres.  The sponsorship enables Freekibble to continue its good work for free.

Here’s how it works:

Play Freekibble’s pet trivia games on their website, one for dogs and one for cats. For every answer you give (it doesn’t even have to be correct) 10 pieces of kibble are donated to shelters.

Participation counts.  The day I answered the quiz 439,740 pieces of kibble had been donated.  Out of the minds of babes!

For cats –

For dogs –

Halo, Purely for Pets –