Deserts delivered

If you’re game to pay between $60 – $75 each, these cakes are delicious, great time savers, and convenient. I know my cakes, so trust me when I tell you that they are show stoppers.

Made by Caroline R. Reutter, originally from South Carolina, now from Maryland, they are mail-order, arrive frozen, and should stay frozen until you are ready to use them.

They serve 10-12, are very rich, and can stand alone as dessert. No accompaniments needed.

If you have people for dinner at the last minute, or have a second house, they are great to have in the freezer. I can only vouch for the 7 Layer Caramel and the Coconut Cloud, but there are many other flavors. Your guests will be sneaking into the kitchen long after dinner is over for more bites. Also great to bring as a thank-you when staying with friends, or to send to a child in college.

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