There isn’t a Grandmother’s Day (that I know of), but maybe there should be.  Grandmothers have two generations worth of ‘mothering’ after all.  If there is a grandmother in your life who you want to celebrate this Mother’s Day, give her and her grandchildren a copy of this lovely book by Susan Sargent and Deborah Riemer.

Susan Sargent has probably already been on your radar screen for her delightful textile and ceramic designs.  Susan began as a weaver and launched her own collections of home furnishings in the 1990s.  I loved her rugs, ceramics and pillow designs.  A color specialist, she has published three books about color.  She recently turned her creative talents to this book, My Far Away Grandma.

Susan collaborated with writer Deborah Riemer to write this lovely children’s read-aloud book about grandmothers who live far away from their grandchildren. Deborah wrote the rhymes and Susan did the illustrations.  In today’s world, kids grow up and move all over the world.  The days of the extended family living together or even near each other seems to have vanished.  This book reinforces the importance of keeping the connections among the generations, as challenging as it might be.  It is a truly delightful book!

My Far Away Grandma - excerpt


Susan Sargent’s book about color.