*This article has been updated in 2018 for accuracy

Teachers should not be paying out-of-pocket for their classroom supplies

Here are a three astonishing facts:

  • Teachers in the U.S spend an average of $740 of their own money to supplement public school supplies for their students.
  • 96% of teachers have purchased basic school supplies for students whose families could not afford them.
  • 60% of all classroom supplies are purchased by teachers!

It is reported that over 15 million students lack the resources they need to succeed in school.  Teachers in the Northeast spend the most of any region in the country.  AdoptAClassroom connects donors directly with a teacher who then buys supplies for the classroom. Founded in 1998, AdoptAClassroom is a national U.S. nonprofit. Our public education system needs help and if we value education as we claim to, students should have the resources to learn.

Here’s how it works:

  • Donors sign onto website and find a classroom or campaign they’d like to fund.  They can search by teacher, school, type of school, school location, poverty level, or academic subject they have an interest in.
  • Teachers buy the supplies they need online with partner retailers.  Partners provide a wide selection of supplies from pencils to iPads and electronics.
  • The result is happy and productive students working with teachers who have the resources they need.
  • Donors receive updates and reports on what their donation was used for and how it has helped those students in that classroom.

So far, AdoptAClassroom has raised $24,000,000 which has impacted 5,282,685 students.  204,121 teachers have registered and a total of 137,622 classrooms have been adopted. 100% of the tax-deductible donated funds go directly to the registered teachers. AdoptAClassroom supports its operations and administrative costs through additional donations from corporations, foundations and individuals. receives the highest 4-star rating by Charity Navigator.

Andrew Cuomo in his most recent State of the State proposed that there be a reimbursement of $100 per teacher claimed as a credit on their state income taxes. It’s called the Education Investment Tax Credit. While everyone seems to be in favor of this plan, Cuomo has not yet delivered the plan to the legislature.

*Mr. Cuomo continues to push this piece of modified legislature ahead in his 2019 budget.


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