Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Carnivores, weekend warriors, relaxers and techies.

Fathers Day Gifts - Carnivore Club

Beyond hamburger… to Elk, Camel, Gator and Wild Boar. With a monthly subscription, this meat club will send your guy a curated selection of exceptional cured meat products like salumi, chorizo, biltong, and jerky. All produced on ethical farms. A special Father’s Day box containing 4-6 artisan crafted cured meats is $85. A one month trial box is $55. A recurring monthly membership is $50/month.

The Exotic Barbecue box includes elk flank steak, buffalo brisket and gator sausage for $109.

Dads day gifts, leather footballs

These leather footballs with rawhide lace grips will lift the aesthetic of any bookshelf when they are off-duty, and they are meant to be used. Four colors. $150.

Father Day gift - Eno pillow

We brought home this ENO Billow Air Lounge Inflatable Couch this weekend and it produced instant relaxation. Made of something like parachute cloth, it rolls up easily and goes into the cross-body pouch shown above. You can set it up in less than one minute. To fill it with air, you open up wide chambers at one end and whirl. With air inside, you roll the ends, fasten with Velcro and settle in for a summer afternoon – at the park, at the beach or in your back yard. It has pockets on one side to hold your book and bottle. It says that it can hold up to 400 lbs. It is not recommended for sharp surfaces. Eno Billow comes in five color combinations and weighs 43 oz. $59.95.

Road warrior? When he sits down to drive, he simply lays his phone on the blue circle (above) and magnets hold it in place. The circle fastens to the vent on the dashboard. Slide a light, thin metal plate between the phone and case (or you stick it onto your phone).

TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder for Smartphones including iPhone 7, 6, 6S, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge – $9.99.

If your guy has not explored his family history through his DNA, it is time for him to spit into a test tube. 23andme has added available information in its ancestry analysis. 23andme, $99.

These Power Beats3 Bluetooth headphones are great for exercising. Your phone can be safely in a pocket or a bag while you walk, run or pound it out on the elliptical – cord free. Available in white and four color combinations. $129.99.

When he gets finished with exercise, he will want these brand new cordless headphones for everything else. No cords to tangle. They store in a recharging container. They rest in each ear and their microphone will pick up your speech clearly. They sense when they are in your ears and pause when you take them out. For apple devices only. They are so popular, they are back-ordered for a few weeks.   Untangled – Apple Airpods, $159.00

If you have a DIYer, give him the Wonderbar Rust Eraser when he wants to touch up the wrought iron terrace furniture or work on his car. It is made from a special rubber compound with silicon carbide particles. They work on rust the way an eraser works on paper. It can be cut with a utility knife into any shape, and can be used dry or with water or a lubricant.   A set of three (coarse, medium and fine) blocks is $17.95.