*This article has been update 2018 for accuracy.

Antiperspirants work by clogging or blocking the underarm pores so that sweat is unable to escape. Sounds awful, right?

Deodorants work by neutralizing the smell of perspiration. Most conventional deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemical ingredients you might not want to put in direct contact with your skin to be absorbed into the body.  A few of these ingredients are aluminum, parabens, harsh astringent salts that contain metals and talc that contain asbestiform fibers.

There are now excellent natural deodorant alternatives.  Look for natural deodorants with ingredients like vegetable glycerin, vinegar, baking soda, aloe vera gel, and essential oils.

My oldest daughter has tried many natural deodorants and one of her favorites is  Natural For Her, Maximum Protection – Blossom scent by Herban Cowboy.  It is $7.77 for 2.8 oz.

Natural Deodorants, Blossom Deodorant


Herban Cowboy also has natural deodorants for men.  The two scents my daughter’s boyfriend likes the best are Forest and Mountain.  $6.75 for 2.8 oz.

Natural Deodorants for men

My daughter also likes Lavanila  – which offers six vanilla scents. They are100% natural and $11.90 for 2.2 oz.


Natural deodorant Lavanilla

We did an informal survey and here are other natural deodorants that were popular:

Natural deodorant for men

  • Kai Deodorant – $17.03 for 2.6 oz.Natural deodorant Kai
  • Alba Botanica deodorant sticks in lavender and tea tree are all natural.   $5.57 for 2 oz.

Natural deodorant Alba

Natural Deodorant Perspiration Arm & Hammer

Perspiration women

Natural deodorant anti perspiration

  • Tisserand roll-on deodorant comes in Cooling Deodorant (Lavender & Lemon), Refreshing Deodorant (Wild Rose & Lemon Leaf), or Purifying Deodorant (Tea Tree & Lemon & Rosemary).  Each is free from synthetic fragrances, parabens and aluminum.  $7.59 for .5 ml.

Perspirant tea tree

  • Real Purity natural, organic and holistic deodorant is a roll-on.  $11.99 for 3 oz.  It’s very light and works well.

Natural deodorant


  • Lush’s Aromaco looks like a bar of soap, but it’s a natural deodorant.  Just run the bar over your underarm and smooth with your index finger.   $6.95 for 3.5 oz.

Natural perspiration