freezable leftovers

I hate waste, and I love to have food in the freezer that I can pull out when I have surprise dinner guests or don’t feel like cooking, but not all leftovers are appropriate for freezing.  I cook more in the summer and often have lots of delicious leftovers.  Here is a guide to what foods freeze well, and what foods are better to either eat up or throw away.

Freeze it:

Guacamole (I know!  I was surprised too)

Fresh berries only if you plan to cook them

Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers

Fresh fruit pies

Butter based sauces

Bread and rolls

Grated cheese

Fresh corn on the cob


Garlic cloves

Chips (another surprise!)

Raw eggs out of their shells

Cooked rice and pasta


Pasta sauces

Herbs in olive oil

Homemade cookie dough (see our earlier article)


Broths and soups

Eat it:

Anything with mayonnaise and all egg-based sauces – the texture changes.

Cooked eggs – the whites become rubbery

Fresh berries if you want them to look the same – they’ll get mushy

Salad greens – have too much water

Anything fried

Crudités – have too much water


Soft cheeses – have too much water

All dairy items like yogurt, milk cream cheese or cottage cheese

Freezing tips:

  • Double wrap everything you want to freeze.  Air in the package will result in freezer burn.
  • Don’t expect freezing to kill any bacteria. Freeze items as soon as possible.
  • Try to eat items in the freezer within three to four months of freezing.
  • Cool foods before freezing.
  • Never re-freeze items.
  • Label what you freeze with the date.
  • If you didn’t like it when it was cooked, freezing it won’t make it taste better.

Eat it tips:

  • Eat leftovers in the fridge within three days.
  • If you didn’t like it when you cooked it, letting it age won’t make it better – pitch it.