Fashionable Cell Phone case

Since we are always on our cell phones, the way to make yours distinctive is with an eye-catching cell phone case.  There is the added benefit of giving some protection to your phone.  Here are some of our favorite fashionable cell phone cases.

We love this snappy tartan Samsung Galaxy phone case.  It’s great for men or women.  They can be monogrammed, too! $42.

fashionable cell phone cases, tartanfashionable cell phone case, monogrammed

This whale case fits the iPhone 5 and 4/4S.  It has a matte finish that won’t scratch, slide or stick.  $45.00.

fashionable cell phone covers, whales

This iHome credit card case for the iPhone 5 is a brilliant idea.  What more do you need? The card slot fits a standard credit card or driver’s license.  The case is a hard polycarbonate plastic which is very durable. There is full access to the screen, all buttons and ports.  There is a cushioned foam inner lining.  $19.12.

fashionable cell phone covers, ihome credit card

Kate Spade has a great eye, and this le pavillion clear iphone case is delightful. It is $40.00.

le pavillion Kate Spade fashionable cell phone case

How about this old phone iphone case? $10.00

fashionable cell phone cover, old phone

This iPhone 5 case has a retractable kickstand that moves in and out to prop up your phone horizontally or vertically.  It has rubberized button covers.  The Speck Smartflex View is available in four colors. $15.00.

stylish cell phone cases, speck