‘Do it yourself’ house and room designing

Want to renovate a room in your house?  Building a new house?  Settling a child into an apartment?  Whatever the scope of your project, the Houzz website, is a great place to start.  It has over 140,000 photographs of interiors, categorized by rooms and styles, to help you find the look you want.  Whether you get professional help from a decorator or not, this is a great place to start.  Your decorator or builder will thank you for having ideas to show him or her.

Once you find your look, if you want to plan further, Better Homes & Gardens has a great DIY room planning site called  Arrange-a-Room.  I have a daughter who is moving into her first apartment and I’m trying to unload my entire attic into it.  This site is great with furniture placement. Even dummies like me can figure this site out. 

Another website where you can virtually rearrange room furniture, or design a house or addition is www.homestyler.com.  Create a floor plan of the room and experiment with the décor.  You can choose from tens of thousands virtual pieces of furniture to play with.

If you are furnishing a child’s first apartment, go out to the garage or into the attic  and measure each piece of furniture you are donating to the project.  Put in the room dimensions on this website and drag furniture into it.  Ideal furniture dimensions are given so you are able to match shapes and sizes with what you already have. There are related links where you can play with colors, window treatments and more.  Call your favorite decorator to fill in what you need to complete the project or for curtains, rugs or reupholstering.

My Deco is a site that is great for planning home design projects.  It’s a blog, shopping resource and a 3D room planning design tool.  Choose your 3D room and drop shapes to recreate your room with windows and doors and furniture.  Then you can start playing with changes.

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