Everyday Annoyances

Are you driving everyone around you crazy?

We all have our pet peeves. There are some behaviors, however, that almost everyone would agree are annoying. As the world gets more crowded, thoughtful and civilized behavior is important.

Most of us know how to behave, but we all slip up. I just might have been part of a noisy group disturbing others in a public space, but I promise, we truly didn’t mean to disturb anyone! Ever take two armrests on an airplane? Yep, I thought so.  Not irking others around us can sometimes mean taking the high road (like staying home when sick instead of traveling!), or simply being mindful.  In fact, you can sometimes change the behavior of people around you by being unexpectedly thoughtful. I was on a flight yesterday when a young man went out of his way to lift bags into the overhead for people. They were amazed that he offered, then they smiled.  Below are the everyday annoyances inflicted upon us by others that rated the most egregious.

Which of these 26 top annoyances are you guilty of?

Clipping, painting or filing nails in public.

Singing or reading out loud.

Not letting a car merge into your lane in a traffic jam (unless it’s the driver who ignored the line of cars and headed to the front and forced their way in!)

Being the very sweaty person who doesn’t wipe down the cardio machine after using it.

Not cleaning up a mess you made.


Credit- Daily Mail

Talking loudly on a cell phone in quiet places.

Whining just to whine, and not trying to resolve the problems.

Name dropping – “I always have lunch with Colin Powell when I’m in Washington”.

Getting onto an elevator or subway car before passengers can get off.

Being manipulative or passive-aggressive.

Barging into an ongoing conversation and interrupting by asking what the topic is.

Taking up two parking spaces.

Tooting your own or your family’s horn – “My son got into every college he applied to”.

Taking up two seats on public transit.

Not returning your shopping cart.

Bringing more than the allowed number of items into the express lane.

Driving slowly in the passing lane.

Honking in a traffic jam – do you believe someone is holding up traffic on purpose?

Credit – Calm Energy Dog Training

Assuming everyone loves your pet as much as you do.

Arriving late and making a grand entrance.

Not responding to a text or email.

Brushing or combing your hair in public.

Not RSVP’ing to an invitation.

Credit – CNN.com

Putting your carry-on luggage into the first bins even though your seat is in the back.

Traveling when sick and risking infecting those around you.

As annoying as these things can be, these days I don’t advise attempting to correct stranger’s behaviors, it’s too risky! Thank you for letting me vent here!