I am in San Francisco, the city of innovation.  A year ago we told you about UBER.  It is an ‘App’ for your smart phone that makes it easy to call a taxi or a black car which arrives in minutes.

This year, I am using a new service called Lyft.  The idea is similar.  Download the ‘App’ onto your smart phone.  Push the Lyft icon to call for a Lyft car.  You recognize your Lyft car as it approaches because it will have a large, fuzzy moustache prominently displayed.


 Photo credit –www.google.com

The difference?  Lyft is less expensive than Uber because Lyft drivers transport you in their own cars. 

Is it safe?  Lyft requires driver background and safety checks, vehicle standards, and has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.  Every rider can rate the ride, so any driver who disappoints will be dropped from the Lyft system.  I had great rides all over S.F.

Lyft App

Lyft Safety

After your ride, Lyft will send you an email asking you for a ‘tip’ for the driver.  They are not allowed to require a fare for reasons known only to lawyers.  The ‘tip’ is optional, but pay it if you ever want another ride from Lyft.

This is a great service, part-time work for nice people who provide reliable urban transportation at a good price.  You may read about controversy as some taxi companies are looking to keep Lyft and others from competing for riders.  Disruptive technology is changing the taxi industry.  We say ‘We want to enjoy the ride’.

In London, we used HailO to get taxis.  See the ASE article.

Please note:  Lyft cars get fined if they go to the airport, so enjoy their cars around town only!