One Day University has changed its remarkable program a bit – and it’s even more unique! Now they bring together groups of interested people (“students-for-a-day” ) and stimulate them with thought provoking presentations by top professors from the finest schools in the US.  We wrote an article about ODU over two years ago and wanted to keep our readers up to date about this fabulous program.

The founder, Steven Schragis, was inspired by attending mini-classes for parents’ visiting day at his child’s college and seeing how the parents loved them.

Steven scours colleges like Yale, Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, and 30 others for the most popular professors teaching the most interesting courses.  He puts together one day events with 10 or more  professors – each giving a 60 minute seminar on a favorite topic. Events are held throughout the year in New York City as well  as Westchester, Philadelphia, and at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA in the summer.  At the larger events participants register for up to six courses and make their own schedule for the day.   These events can include thousands of one-day students , although some of the smaller programs often  accommodate fewer than 100 participants.

Think how much fun it would be to have your brain challenged and stimulated but without the exams or homework!

One Day University is a live social event.  Steven Schragis wants it to be educational but also very entertaining,  almost like a great Broadway show.  He has eliminated the online courses at ODU because major universities are now offering their own  range of online experiences – but that is another story.  The fun of One Day University is attending courses with the other intellectually curious people and learning together.

For more details about One Day University, and to register for the events, simply  go to their website

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