chalk pot doodling for herbs

These small decorative pots have a chalkboard surface which you can decorate to make great place cards and party favors for your next party.  Chalk pot doodling is fun and anyone can do it. Draw a picture or write a name, fill the pot with a little plant, and you’re done.

$15.49 for a set of three 4”square pots at

Chalkboard pot doodling

Michaels has pots for $7.50.  Chalkboard doodling

You can also make your own by buying chalkboard paint and painting regular terra cotta pots, learn how with Martha Stewart.

Don’t stop with pots!

TheGrayFinch‘s store on Etsy makes these cute ornaments.  A set of 8 for $22.00chalk doodling ornaments

Chalkboard China makes chalk vases in different shapes and sizes, charger plates and a cheeseboard.  They are fun for entertaining and can be decorated to reflect each occasion.  From $19.95 to $55.00.

Write a special message or draw a picture on these chalkboard candles.  They come in 3 colors, with 8 scents to choose from.  Each candle comes with a box of chalk.  $24.00 ea at Mine DesignChalk pot candles


Love the idea and want more? See our article It’s a Blank Slate for resources and ideas.

Have you tried doodling on your own pots? How did it work for you?