Clever Stocking Stuffers

Stumped for clever ideas for Stocking Stuffers? A Sharp Eye has you covered with this annual Stocking Stuffers article.  We hope this is helpful to all you frantic, last minute shoppers!  If we find even more we’ll do a sequel. (Which we did! Tinsel in a Tangle, Part 2, and many more – see our collection of articles for more stocking stuffers.)

Have you added someone to your celebration and need a new stocking? Or looking for a refresh? Here’s a DYI video tutorial to help. She is so calm!

For women:

Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm – Finally, our beloved Carmex has come out with a tube version, with the familiar Carmex scent. $2.49 each.

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Ped Egg – a fabulous foot file.  Smooths feet, no mess, fits in your palm.  Has micro files on one side, and on the reverse side, an emery board buffer. $10.99

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers, Ped Egg

For men:

Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s Guide

Stocking Stuffer Ideas, Cocktail book

Give him tattoo sleeves of his favorite team to wear to the big games!  $10 a pair.

Tattoos for Stocking Stuffers

Carabiner LED Light – great for seeing into small spaces like dark purses, closets, glove compartments $5.99.

Stocking Stuffer, Carabiner

For either men or women:

To Do tattoos – a tattoo of a list for your hand to write your to do list on – $8.99.

To Do Tattoos - stocking stuffers

Wine Away Spray Stain Remover – travel size $11.99. Removes red wine stains from clothing or carpet. Keep one handy at parties!

Stocking stuffers, Wine Away

A travel sewing kit  $7.99.

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Belkin USB 2.0 four-port mini hub  Great to travel with, turns 1 USB port into 4. $6.99.

Clever Stocking Stuffers

Ocean Potion Dab-on-Sport Stick SPF 60

Clever Gift Ideas, Otion Potion

Ants salt and pepper shaker set $9.99.

Stocking Stuffers, salt and pepper shakers

An A–Z Guide to Food Additives – Never Eat What You Can’t Pronounce Under $10.00

Christmas gifts, books

For kids or whimsical adults:

Ear buds, $15.00.  Choose from Fast food, cupcakes, ducks, animals, flies or hearts.

Stocking stuffers, ear buds               elephant ear buds, clever Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Lego-ish iPod speaker dock  Fits every size iPod and easy to travel with.

Stocking Stuffers, speakers

Radica 20 Questions game Under $25.00

Stocking stuffers

For animal lovers:

Kitty key covers set of 4 for $6.99 .

Stocking stuffers - key covers

Cat rechargeable LED flashlight $8.48.

Stocking stuffers, flashlight