Design your own custom lampshades
Updated April, 2017

Lampshades are important in decorating rooms.  They can be subtle or fun and fanciful.  Sometimes it’s impossible to find the right shade and in those situations, a custom shade is the answer.

At LampsPlus you can custom design your shades.  I have a pair of swing-arm wall lamps in a guest room that needs shades.  Here are the steps for designing my shades.  The steps for Lamps Plus are similar for the other sites where you can order online:

See picture of basic shade with caption underneath “basic shade”

  • Choose the size and shape shade needed.
  • Browse the solid colors and patterns.
  • I chose a pattern I liked that allowed color editing.
  • Play around with color combinations.  If you don’t see what you want click on the ‘advanced’ button and find your hue.
  • After choosing colors, choose the trim.
  • My tapered 10” x 12” x 8” shade cost $59.99.


The Lampshade Shop is able to make shades in traditional to modern styles.  They will also recreate your favorite shade if you are able to supply the fabric.  The steps are as follows:

  • Select a shade frame
  • Select the size of the shade
  • Decide the type of lampshade material – Fabric, parchment, botanical paper
  • Pay attention to fitter wires

I found this website a little complicated but it seemed that to replace my 10” x 12” x 8” would cost around $70.00.


Jack of all Shades claims they can make any shade, with better quality than you could buy it ready made.  This website was easy to use and the shade I chose, in Homespun Linen, would cost $42.00.


Fenchel Shades is based in Wisconsin.  They will custom make any type of shade.  Customers can order online, and prices seem very reasonable. The order process gave me the price of $43.04 for my 10” x 12” x 8” shade.


Mrs. Blanche P. Field founded this company in the early 1900s in Newport, Rhode Island.  Their custom lampshades are made with old-world craftsmanship.  They have workshops in Boston and Manhattan.   They also sell lighting products and pendant fixtures. In addition, they rewire and restore lamps, sconces and chandeliers. The site gives you all the options available but customers cannot order on the site.  You will need to phone in your order – remember how to do that?


Just Shades will replace a shade you love if you still have the frame.  They will also create a custom shade if you have a great idea.  They have made shades ranging in size from 4 inches to 8 feet!  Customers are not able to order online, you must call or email them. They also have stores in NYC and Greenwich, CT.


Custom Made is a website based in Cambridge, MA that connects customers who want to design something special with makers of those goods. In the category of lampshades, I found a company that makes custom nautical chart shades.  You tell them the size and the coastal area and you’re off to the races!  There were other custom lampshade companies that had no restrictions on what you could order.  Tell them what you envision and they’ll work with you.  I will warn you that this site is addictive.  You can have ANYTHING custom made, from cutting boards, to earrings to coffee tables.  It’s great!


Rainbow Lampshade Shop, based in Portland, OR, will make custom shades from customers’ own fabric, or from any fabric customers select from the site.  They can make all shapes and sizes, and do clip-ons to pendant shades. Again, customers must call or email them, there is no online ordering.custom lampshades


Don’t want to design your own? We’ve got you covered, Fun, Creative New Lampshades.

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Have we missed something? Let us know!