Velvet pumpkins, blown and mercury glass pumpkins and a festive mood.


I discovered these whimsical silk velvet pumpkins with natural stems in luscious fall colors at a chic party at Stratford Hall in Virginia.  They are hand made in Oregon, by Hot Skwash.  I have stocked up on several in the blue color way and they might even inspire me to give a dinner party.  I sent the purple and orange pumpkins to my daughter who had a fall wedding which featured those warm colors.   I have mixed them with real pumpkins in some interesting colors on my table.  I am going to use them on my Thanksgiving table this year.

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The pumpkins come in ten sizes from 2” to Jumbo and Luca – and over 60 colors and patterns.


Want more sparkle?  Some of their designs come with Swarovski Crystals to catch the light.  You can order crystals in bursts, full crystal and partial crystal on most of the basic velvet pumpkins.


Prefer light catching beads?


Prices vary, but to give you an idea, this set of four holiday jewel tone velvet pumpkins (6”, 5”, 4” and 2”) is $109.decorative pumpkins


This 12” latte colored, silk velvet pumpkin has a duck feather collar.  $225.

See all the velvet decorative pumpkin choices at: Hot Skwash.


Simon Pearce Willow hand blown glass pumpkins.

Small: 5½” H x 3⅝” W x 3⅝” D, $105

Medium: 9¼” H x 3½” W x 3½” D, $155

Large: 11¾” H x 7⅞” W x 7⅞” D, $230

Decorative Glass Pumpkin

Simon Pearce Pumpkins. 

Small: 3⅞” H x 4¾” W x 4¾” D, $105

Medium: 5″ H x 6¼” W x 6¼” D, $155

Large: 7¾” H x 9¼” W x 9¼” D, $230


These 3” x 3” mini pumpkins will add fun to a table.  $59 each.


Blown glass pumpkins with amber glass stems.  Medium 7”H x 6”W x 6”D.  $225 each.


Hand blown glass pumpkin. White with a gold stem.  7”W.  $35.85.


Large hand blown orange and yellow glass pumpkin.  9”W x 9”H.  $78

Decorative pumpkins blown glass


Mercury glass pumpkins.

Small 5”W x 3.25”D x 3.5”H.  $29.50

Large 9”W x 3”D x 6”H. $59


For a little something different, here are blown glass acorns with caps and oak leaves.  4.5”H, 6”W, 4.5”D.  $220 each.


Here are some of the heirloom natural pumpkins that I found at my farmers’ market.  They mix well with all of the decorative pumpkins.

Do you have a favorite? Share it in our comments.

*This article has been updated in September, 2017 for accuracy