Custom Mugs

Friends or family will start their day with a message from you

Many of us use mugs every day, often several times a day. A custom mug is a great gift because it will be meaningful to the recipient and make them smile or think of you every time they reach for it. Here are some sources.

Customized mugs

This personalized mug makes a wonderful gift. The artist will make a mug with your favorite quote, endearment, random words – whatever you want to have. Each mug is custom made for you. Choose size, style, and the words and/or images you want on the mug. Finally, select a color you want on the handle and the inside of the mug. Prices start at $36.00.

Custom mugs

I have ordered these mugs and been very happy. They are enamel metal camp mugs with a custom quote, saying, name or initials. Choose from two sizes, and select left or right-handed design.  They are dishwasher safe. Prices start at $16.40.

Custom mugs, metal

These pottery mugs are made to order and they come in two sizes, 11 oz. or 15 oz. Put your favorite quote on the mug and choose your font and color. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. The 11 oz. mug is $30.00.  The 15 oz. mug is $35.00.

Custom pottery mugs

Emma Bridgewater makes wonderful pottery. Her customized mugs are $31.46 each plus personalization. There is a maximum of 16 letters including spaces on the mug body for your message or you can put the personalization on the mug base and that has a 15 letter maximum including spaces. Personalized mug patterns are Starry Skies, Polka Dots, Pink Hearts, Holly, Wallflower, Reindeer, Joy Star and Rose & Bee.