customized vitamin packs

I want to take only the vitamins and supplements my body needs.

According to a study done by The Council for Responsible Nutrition, over half of Americans take vitamins or other dietary supplements and spent $21 billion on them in 2015. Given the strength of the market, many companies are expanding their offerings to include customized and personalized vitamin regimens.

Do we need customized vitamin packets? If we eat well, don’t we ingest all the vitamins and nutrients we need? There are varying opinions about customized vitamins. One is that multi-vitamins are a one-size fits-all supplement and can provide vitamins your body might not need. Based on your diet, you might be consuming enough of some vitamins but not enough of others. That is the issue the custom vitamin companies seek to address. Others feel that it takes a blood test, not a simple questionnaire to determine what nutrients might be missing from someone’s diet and what supplements would be helpful. If you are interesed in customized vitamins, one solution might be to check with your doctor to see if you are deficient in some nutritional areas and see what he/she recommends for supplements.

Studies (Johns Hopkins ) have shown that there is possible harm that can come from high doses of certain vitamins. That isn’t stopping new startups from rushing into the market to raise taking vitamins to another level, and consumers are flocking to these new companies.

Should you be tempted to try one of these new companies, here are reviews of the top six customized supplement companies:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Wellness launched in 2017. The vitamins and supplements are tailored to women and there are four different customized vitamin packs aimed at different points in a woman’s life. For example, the “Mother Load” provides pre- and postnatal vitamins.   They consult with ‘the best practitioners and experts in the health and wellness field’. There is a one-time fee of $90 per kit or $75 for a monthly subscription.

HUM asks customers to take a 3-minute quiz which will determine your “personal vitamin and supplement profile”. You’ll receive a free report from a nutritionist. This will guide you as you select the best vitamin combo for you.  Average price of a bottle of supplements is $30.00. If you subscribe you will receive a new bottle every 30 days.

Care/Of provides personalized vitamin packs delivered to your door. Go to the website, fill out the questionnaire and they will provide you with a list of vitamin recommendations from their stable of 30 minerals, herbs, vitamins, probiotics and specialty supplements. They have a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of M.D.s and Ph.D.s. They source their ingredients directly and manufacture their own supplements. They claim to save their customers up to 20% compared to local health food stores. You choose which ones you want to receive and they will arrive every month. They do not charge a flat monthly rate. Customers pay per supplement and prices range from $5 – $25. The average subscription price is $30.00.

Vitamin Packs requires customers to complete an online health assessment to provide information about health and lifestyle. Customers then receive a free report and recommendations. Their vitamins are made from raw ingredients and tested for quality and bio-availability. There are over 70 high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements.  There is a team doctor on the staff and nutritionists.  Customers who subscribe receive a customized vitamin pack every month.

WellPath Solutions has a questionnaire for potential customers to fill out. They receive a ‘personalized solution’ that includes a Shake Mix that addresses ‘macronutrient needs’ and Vitamins and Nutrients that have vitamins, minerals and herbs. They only use organic, non-GMO ingredients. All are to be taken once a day. Their team of experts include one M.D. and a dietician. The team also includes a swimsuit model, the owner of Gotham Gym, a journalist and a celebrity photographer among others. Customers provide feedback so WellPath can monitor how they’re doing and make possible adjustments in their program. The powder is $49.95 for a monthly supply and the supplements are $39.95 per month.

CustomVite has a team of nutritionists and dieticians but they also allow a customer’s doctor to provide lab results or consult with CustomVite to further customize the formulation. Their products have no binders, chemicals, fillers or flavorings added. They have been around since 1999 so are the oldest of the companies reviewed here.

There are other companies making personalized vitamins that I either didn’t know anyone who used them and couldn’t research enough reviews, but if you are interested they might be worth checking out. They are:

Weil Vitamin Advisor

Multiply Labs


Note: It is advised to check with your doctor about what supplements or vitamins you might need. It is also advisable to do research on the custom vitamin company you might want to use to see where and how they manufacture their supplements and how their reviews are.