Citrus scents are fresh, clean and perfect for summer.  I love them as room scents, soaps, and personal fragrances.  We’ve done articles on floral scents and citrus fragrances but there are new citrus scents that we wanted to review.  The best ones blend citrus with floral.  Here are some favorites.

Acqua di Gioia Eau de Toilette comes from Giorgio Armani.  One review described it as having ‘notes of brown sugar, peonies, water jasmine, mint and lemon’.  It is definitely fresh and coastal. 1.7 oz. is $48.74.Citrus perfumes

Chanel offers Cristalle au Verte Eau de Toilette.  You will detect magnolia combined with fresh citrus and Neroli.  3.4 oz. is $110.00.Chanel Scents

Chloe Eau de Toilette spray has ‘notes’ of grapefruit and rose.  It is a very feminine scent. 2.5 oz. is $60.08.Chloe Citrus Scent

Fresh has products I love.  I use the body lotion in the summer from their line called Citron de Vigne.  The eau de parfum has notes of bitter orange and grapefruit as well as dark almond, bergamot (a type of orange) and white sandalwood.  1 oz. is $65.00.Fresh Citron De Vigne

Guerlin has Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde which pairs lemon and orange together also has a ‘hint of tropical green notes and the spirit of lime.’  It is so crisp that it can also be used by men. It is an eau de toilette and 2.5 oz. is $39.50.Citrus Aqua Scent

This is a true summer fragrance!  It is a cologne spray described as a ‘Pick-Me-Up’.  It is a single note scent – orange blossom– that’s it.  Delightful. $33.00 for4 oz.Orange Blossom Scent

Nest Fragrances has Paradise Eau de Parfum.  This scent has notes of blood orange combined with white ginger and a hint of cedar wood.  It is described as ‘sparkling and vibrant’. The packaging is also lovely.  1.7 oz. is $74.00.Nest Fragrance Scent

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*This article has been reviewed for accuracy June 2019