Voice recordable children's books

Read to the young children in your life – even when you are far away.

Imagine staying connected by ‘reading’ a bedtime story to the young children in your life – even if you are far away. Voice capture technology makes it possible.

When I am with my young grandchildren, they often want me to read them a book – or three. New, recordable children’s books have given me a way to read to them even when we are not together. These clever classic children’s books have been updated with a voice recorder. I can read to my grandchildren once – and they can go back to the book – and my voice – over and over. ASE subscriber and experienced long distance grandmother, Lindsey E. recommends them.

The actual recording is simple. On each page, you press record, then read out loud. Be sure to add the child’s name frequently. Be creative. You are not bound by the text. When you have finished reading the page, push stop. Listen to the playback. If you are satisfied, go on to the next page. If you are not satisfied, re-do the page. On the last page of some of the books you can add an image, a photo or a drawing to personalize the book.

Beyond grandparents – an older sibling, a friend or even the child herself can record a book. Whoever is reading, it will intrigue the child with books and reading. You can choose a holiday classic and have each member of the family read a page. Add a new holiday book each year. There are many possibilities.

Tips for successful recording:  Make sure that the book is laying flat on a solid surface. Speak slowly and clearly. You can pause periodically, especially if you have asked a question like, “How many blue birds do you see on the page?” When you have finished recording, click on the ‘lock’ feature to preserve your project.

In the following listings for recordable books, you will see both new and used books. My advice is to buy new when you can, but I included Curious George even though I could only find used copies because it is a classic.


Curious You On Your Way, by R.A. Rey. Inspiration from Curious George. Only used books are offered, but I included it because it is Curious George and you can make your own recording. $35.18.

All the Ways I Love You, by Theresa Tinder, From Hallmark, $29.95.

On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman. Expensive at $34.99, but it is a classic.


My Wish for You. $29.90.


Under the Same Moon Recordable book

Under the Same Moon, from Hallmark. $29.95.

Recordable storybook for grandson

Grandson You Make The World Grand from Hallmark. $31.95.

recordable childrens books

Granddaughter You Make The World Grand from Hallmark. $29.95.

Recordable books

The Night Before Christmas, from $12.00 with $4.00 shipping.

Recordable Books

Luck to Love You from Hallmark. $29.95.

Love the idea of recordable childrens books and love DIY?

You can sit at your computer, or use your iPad or cell phone to make a video recording of yourself reading a favorite children’s book. You can give the actual book as a gift and provide a link to your recording for the child to follow along. This is the cost effective way to achieve the goal of ‘reading’ from afar. The downside is that your recording will continue whether or not the child turns the page. You will want to add the page turning instruction.