Game show Qi

The Friday Bulletin June 7, 2019

Check out QI, a British comedy quiz show. This show is quintessentially British in the most delightful way. Funny, irreverent and quirky – it’s worth a half an hour of your time. The format is the host and three panelists answering obscure questions that lead to interesting and amusing tangents. Panelists are awarded points for correct and/or interesting answers. Each series centers around a topic pertaining to a letter of the alphabet.   One review described the show as ‘intellectual chaos’. The current host is Sandi Toksvig, from the Great British Bake Off. It can be found on BritBox and Amazon.

Zip Top are sturdy food storage receptacles. I am using them to replace baggies in my continuous efforts to reduce my single-use plastic consumption. They are safe in the microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.   They have a sturdy bottom, are stackable, have no lids to keep track of, are durable and reusable. No BPA, lead PVC or phthalates. They come in blue, white or gray.   A set of two is on sale for $6.99.

I am working my way through a jar of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter and thoroughly enjoying it. It comes in both creamy and crunchy and is 100% peanuts, no added sugar, salt or multi-syllable chemicals. There are exactly 540 peanuts in each 16 ounce jar. $4.28 per jar at Amazon. It can also be found in selected supermarkets.

I have a new music crush – Trombone Shorty. My husband discovered him through the New Orleans show on HBO called Treme, and we just saw him in concert with friends. He puts on a great show, is very talented and can dance! Check him out.