beautiful carafes
This article has been updated for accuracy and availability, January 2017

Sometimes a carafe is the perfect serving vehicle.  Technically, a carafe is a container with no handles used for serving wine and other drinks, including water.  Originally, decanters had stoppers and carafes did not, but these days we use the terms decanter and carafe interchangeably.  Both vessels are used for aerating wine in addition to serving other drinks in style.  See Ginny’s article about aerating wine.

This I’m Boo carafe by Muuto holds 35 oz.  It is 11” tall by 3.3” wide.  It is a blue-grey color with very clean lines.  $54.77.



This littala Katrio carafe is from Finland.  It holds 24 oz. and is 8.5” tall.  It comes in clear, gray, light blue (shown) and sand.  $79.99.



I love the look of this Sagaform carafe with an oak stopper.  It holds 34 ounces and is made from hand blown glass.  It is dishwasher safe. $29.99.Carafes---Sagaform-carafe-w--oak-stopperThis carafe with a cork lid lets you store leftover fluids in the fridge until the next use.  It is an Aqua Carafe by SEAglasbruk.  It is mouth-blown glass and is dishwasher safe.  It holds 34 oz., and is 10” tall by 3.5”.  It also comes in green. $13.78.



This clear glass beaker is the definition of simplicity.  It is handmade from borosilicate glass and should be hand washed.  It is 10.75” tall by 3.75” wide.  It holds 54 ounces.  It also comes in a smaller size.  $7.95.



A slightly different shape, this carafe holds 57 ounces and is made from mouth blown glass. It is 8.8” tall by 7.1” at its widest point. $58.64.

This is a functional 1.4 liter carafe from Eva Solo.  It has a bottle pourer made from stainless steel and rubber.  Both the carafe and pourer are dishwasher safe.  It is 8.25” x 4.75” wide.  It holds 32 ounces. $60.00.



Made of glass, this is a good utilitarian carafe for juice or coffee.  It is 11” tall by 4” wide and it holds 34 ounces.  $5.99.



This carafe was designed by Alfredo Häberli for George Jensen and I think it’s a work of art.  The carafe is glass and the stopper is oak.  It is 12.5” tall and $70.00.



Ginny uses this 12”, colorful, handblown Wavie Carafe from Pean Doubulyu.  Blown in Providence, R.I., it comes in the eight colorways shown in the matching glasses.  $240.