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We have a very close friend who once lost her car in New York City.  She searched for hours, and after finally calling the police and showing them where it had been parked, she checked into a hotel to wait.  The next morning the police called and asked her to meet them where the car had been parked.  She did, and they walked her one block over and there was her car, still where she had actually parked it, covered in parking tickets.  She was mortified.  These apps are for her.


Find my car uses your phone’s navigation system to locate your car.  When you park, hit the app button and it will lock in your car’s location on the nav system.  You can also take a picture of where the car is and make notes.  To find your car, open the app and it will find your car’s last location on the map.  It also keeps track of your parking meter with a timer.
It is free for iPhone and Android.

car tracker app

MyCar Locator gets raves for being the easiest of all the car locator apps. Push one button and it remembers your car’s location and guides you back to it.  Use this app to remember the location of your hotel, bus stop, spot in the mall to meet friends- any location you need to remember.
$1.29 Android.

car tracking app - MyCar Locator

Sally Park has been called “the most intuitive” car finding app.  Just touch the ‘Park’ button and it sets your car’s location.  You can take a photo or write a note.  It has a parking meter timer and gives you a five minute warning when it’s about to run out.

Sally Park car tracker app

iCar is similar to Find My Car except that there is no camera function. It does find gas stations and parking lots, however.  Warning – it has ads.
Free for iPhone.

car tracker apps - iCar

Honk might win the prize for having the most offerings. It sets your parking location and gives you directions when you leave.  You can take photos and make notes.  It will find parking lots and gas stations as well as ATMs.  You can check how much time is left on your parking meter and when the time is up, the app will honk.

Car tracker apps - Honk

My Stufffinder locates all kinds things for you.  You can find your glasses, keys, purse, raincoat and umbrella, anything you have trouble keeping track of!  Just tell the app the location of whatever you always lose and it will get you within 15 feet of it.  You can take photos of where you leave the items, and write descriptive notes.  It does not include a parking meter timer.
Free, iPhone.

Car tracker apps  My Stuffminder