buying a car

Getting the best deal – apps can help.

Car dealers sell cars every day – and I expect you don’t buy them very often. They know more than you do and their goal is to get you to pay as much as possible. When you have decided which car make, model and year you want; the following questions and online resources will help you go ‘toe to toe’ with your car salesman and get the best deal.

What is the best price for the car I want?

Truecar offers ultimate price transparency. You can see what others paid before you buy or lease.

Lease vs. buy? What will it cost to own this car for five years? How much will I get at resale?

Kelley Blue Book has a tool to help you project ownership costs with considerations for fuel, insurance, repairs, maintenance, financing and depreciation.

How much will I get for my current car at trade-in?

Kelley Blue Book is still a trusted source to value and review cars.

Hire a professional to help you buy?

You can pay a professional who works for you – not a dealer – to source the car you want and negotiate for it. You pay $499. Your professional does the looking around and negotiating for you. People who’ve used this service are sure that they’ve save more than that in cost and a saved them a whole lot of time.

Apps on your phone?

When you are at a dealership, with a salesman offering you a ‘fantastic’ deal, it is useful to have comparative information at your fingertips. Here are some car buying apps. They have capabilities the websites don’t. They can send mobile alerts when prices drop or new cars become available. Some allow you to scan a window sticker or vehicle identification number for price estimates.

buying new car, cm app

CarMax lets you search a nationwide inventory of over 35,000 CarMax used cars by make, type, model, year, price, features, MPG, and more! Apple, Android

Buy a car with Instamotor

Instamotor to buy and sell used cars. Apple Android

 Autotrader for new car

Autotrader. “The Autotrader app is your solution for finding the right car or dealer, no matter where you are. Save cars and searches to your personal account and retrieve them later from any mobile device or computer.” Apple   Android

Kelley Blue Book car buying app

Kelley Blue Book Apple Android

Used Car Search Pro

Used Car Search Pro Helps you find a used car. It has an award-winning search function. Apple Android

True car, buying new car

TrueCar reports only the price buyers actually paid for cars based on a network of over 11,000 car dealers. Apple Android

Buying car app to find new and used cars near you. Apple Android

Buying Car App Wyper

Wyper is like a Tinder for cars. You swipe through available cars to find ‘the one you love’. Apple Android

See the ASE Article on Buying a Car, Part 1 for resources to help you choose a make and model.

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