gift cards for cash

The holidays have come and gone and you are evaluating your loot.  Did you receive any unwanted gift cards from retailers you will never, ever, under any circumstances patronize? Do you have several small gift cards that you want to trade in for one lump sum at your favorite retailer?  Not to worry, all is not lost.  There are websites waiting to help you out.

Plastic Jungle This site allows you to to trade your unwanted gift cards ($25 minimum balance) with one of their business partners.  You will not receive their full face value (up to 85%) but something is better than nothing, right? They are in a transition phase so check them out to see what’s up today.

Plastic Jungle guarantees all transactions, and uses the USPS to receive and send the gift cards.

Gift Card Rescue lets you sell gift cards for 60% – 80% of their value and receive cash  through PayPal. Or exchange your gift cards for more useful cards.  Amazon gift cards are worth 85% of face value.  A guarantee protects you for up to a year in case the retailer goes bankrupt. If you are selling your card, you mail it to Gift Card Rescue and they will send you a check within 24 hours.  If you are buying a discounted gift card, you make a selection, pay for it with a credit card and Gift Rescue mails you the gift card within 48 hours. sells Visa gift cards, with their designs or personalized by you.  In addition, they buy unwanted gift cards, and sell discounted gift cards from many retailers.  A unique feature to this site is the ability to “raise money with group gifting”.  Don’t you love it?  If you are collecting money from bridesmaids, say, or trying to get your extended family to chip in for a ‘round the world’ trip, you can set up a private label website through and anyone can donate any amount to your cause.

One final source for selling and buying gift cards is Ebay.