My friend Susan W. is concerned that too many men and women are using the wrong hair blow dryers and damaging their hair.  This is a subject she knows a great deal about and she agreed to share her secrets with us.

A good hair dryer is an investment.  If you buy a cheap dryer you will have one that does not have a strong enough motor to push out the air.  This means it will overheat and burn your hair.  Sound familiar?

Newer models have ceramic heating elements that distribute heat evenly and heat up very fast.  Many of the higher end models also have ionic technology that reduces the amount of static electricity.  Look for dryers with multiple heat settings and especially a cold shot option.  If you are ‘setting’ a section of hair into either a curl or straightness, heat it and then ‘shock’ it with a shot of cold air.

An example of a dryer with good power is the Solano 3300 XtraLite Dryer. This one is 1800W.  It is lighter than a bottle of water and combines ceramic, ionic technology.  $191.00.

Susan’s personal favorite is the Bio Ionic 1875 Powerlight speed dryer.  It is lightweight and easy to handle but packs all the power you need.  It has variable power settings, a cool shot button, and nanoionic mineral technology.  $79.99.

Another model Susan likes is the Bio Ionic Freestyle 1875W Pro Dryer. It promises fast drying time and has anti-frizz protection. $99.88.

A good travel hair dryer is the T3 Featherweight Journey Travel Dryer.  It folds for easy packing and is lightweight. At 1200 watts, it has the tourmaline technology which promises very fast drying.  It also has a converter switch for international travel. $54.03.

Great tips:

  • Don’t throw away the little narrow nozzle (aka ‘air flow concentrator’) that comes with your dryer like I always do!  I mistakenly thought it would slow down the process but in fact it makes it faster.  It focuses the heat and air on sections of your hair making the drying and evaporation of moisture much more efficient.
  • Keep the filter on the end of the dryer to keep the motor free of lint.  A lint build up will decrease air flow and the dryer will overheat.  Your dryer will live longer.


Now that you are choosing a great hair dryer, check out the ASE hints on Blow Drying Techniques.