Several years ago there was a buzz about a new make-up product by Yves Saint Laurent – the Touch Éclat Radiant Touch.  It came in three shades and I rushed out to buy one.  I loved it, and so did makeup artists, celebrities and many of my friends. I carry one in my bag at all times. The big news is that it has just been released in seven shades.  Now there is one for every skin tone!

What is it? A convenient pen shaped product that is a highlighter, concealer, corrector, and luminizer all in one.  Touche Éclat reflects light off your skin which minimizes under eye circles and creases.  You use it like a paint brush.

Pros: For many women it works as a concealer for blemishes and for dark circles under their eyes.  For others it is a brightener that eliminates shadows, perks up eyes and eliminates any redness. It is lightweight and easy to apply.  It is the size of a pen and  very portable.

Cons: It is expensive at $40.00.  For some women it does not work well as a concealer, only as a highlighter.

The seven shades are:

  • Luminous Radiance
    (for fair to light complexions with pink undertones)
  • Luminous Ivory
    (for fair to light complexions with yellow undertones)
  • Light Peach
    (for medium complexions with peachy undertones)
  • Luminous Toffee
    (for deep complexions with neutral undertones)
  • Luminous Honey
    (for medium complexions with olive and golden undertones)
  • Luminous Amber
    (for deep complexions with red undertones)
  • Radiant Silk
    (for light to medium complexions with yellow or golden undertones)

This website is devoted totally to the Touche Éclat.  The site claims that one is sold every 10 seconds!  It has great tips on how to use the Touche Éclat most effectively.


To purchase – $40 each at