What could be easier than tearing off a paper placemat when you are setting your summer table for a meal?  They are so easy, disposable (some can be reused by wiping them off), and recyclable.

If you entertain a lot you might want to invest in a case (96 placemats) of these round paper placemats, at a discount price.  They are 14” diameter and come in red, gold and silver.

paper placemats for table setting

These are more casual.
paper placemats for fun

Kitchen Papers has been making wonderful paper placemats since 2010 and they keep expanding the line.  You can now choose from among 34 styles.  They come in a pad of 50 placemats for $29.00.  We love the confetti.


This Italian checked placemat by Kitchen Papers is very festive and great for a picnic.  It is $29.00 for a pad of 50 paper placemats.


We love this Summer Setting paper placemat.  It is $29.00 for a pad of 50.


We’re crazy about Plat du Jour’s Marine Fish paper placemats!  They are 17” x 11.5”.  A pad of 50 is $32.99.


Kitchen Papers makes these metallic gold chevron paper placemats.  They are 18” x 12.5”.  A pad of 50 is $25.00.



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