Gardening Websites Reviews

I know all you gardeners have itchy fingers and can’t wait to get them in the dirt.  Most of you will have to wait a couple more weeks, so in the meantime, take a load off and browse these garden websites for new ideas, plant material, equipment or skills.

Shop Terrain carries everything from pruning shears to birdhouses, and that’s just in their Garden-Outdoor section.  They also carry lots of house furnishings, kitchen equipment and linens, items for your desk and lots of other stuff.  I’m quite taken with this Traveler’s Key Rack for $98.00.

Potted carries all items for outdoor living.  There are fire pits, pots, outdoor lanterns, outdoor furniture, fountains, and lots of other décor items.  We love this Esther Handmade Pottery planter.  Prices start at $34.00 depending on size. is the web store for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  They sell flower, vegetable and herb seeds.  They have the largest collection of seeds from the 19th century including many Asian and European varieties.  The husband and wife team who own the company work hard to supply free seeds to the world’s poorest countries as well as U.S. educational programs and school gardens. sells floral, garden and decorative products from all over the world.  Their products range from bamboo fences to river stones.  We like these bamboo 4’ garden stakes.  Set of 12 is $6.00. is the website for Sunset Magazine, a Western lifestyle monthly publication.  This is a how-to guide for the West’s outdoor lifestyle.  The garden section provides extensive information for anyone with a garden in one of our thirteen Western states.

If you want to learn more about gardening, here are three garden education websites.  Cornell University’s Dept. of Horticulture has made a great deal of gardening information available on the web.  Cornell Garden Based Learning has a fabulous ‘How To: Garden, Lawn & Landscape’ complete with a problem solving section.

Cornell also offers a Home Gardening supplement.  It has Flower and Vegetable Growing Guidelines, Turf Guy Rules, Designing Flower Gardens and more.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides practical, how-to gardening information for your garden and yard. There are ‘How To” videos for many subjects, an ‘Ask the Expert” section for vegetables, and much more.

Once your garden is in full swing, check out Flower Magazine online. It is dedicated to flower arranging.